My Very First Journey to Panama

My Very First Journey to Panama

More than anywhere else in Central America, Panama signifies an inconsistent combination of old and brand-new, North American as well as Latin American, rich and also inadequate – making it one of the most dizzyingly exciting as well as diverse areas to see. Oh, as well as beaches are in abundance.

My first journey to Panama

I admit I really did not know much concerning the nation prior to I arrived. I ‘d seen images of the San Blas Islands which looked magnificent (I can validate they are), from seeing Prison Break I imagined Panama City to look a little bit like Miami (it does in components), I knew Panama Hats confusingly come from Ecuador, not Panama, as well as obviously there is the Canal (although I think I underestimated rather exactly how vital a role the Canal has actually played in Panamas past and present).

Having travelled with much of Central America, I discovered when I lastly went to that Panama was definitely various from its neighbours. Right here is a quick review of the highlights:

San Blas Island

There isn’t truly a sufficient means to define quite how special the San Blas Islands are. They’re a collection of some 350 islands along Panama’s northern Caribbean coast, and also just around 50 of them are lived in. The area is semi independent, ruled by the Kuna Yala People that have their own policies and extremely little to do with what goes on in Panama City. There is one top principal, as well as each settlement has their own sub-chief as it were, that make decisions from the convenience of their hammocks in the main city center equivalent.

A beautiful beach in san blas , Panama

It’s very laid back – essentially. There are no fancy hotels below, just a handful of comfy Kuna run bed and breakfast, which are best for those that desire a genuine Robinson Crusoe Experience as well as don’t mind going back to fundamentals. The other option is to charter a Catamaran and cruise ship around as you desire. The setting is picture perfect, with crystal clear waters as well as deserted islands where you can moor up for an outing on the beach, where you are unlikely to see anyone aside from the strange Kuna angling from their dug-out canoe … heaven.

Panama City

Cities aren’t for every person, yet Panama City rapidly became one of my favourites (then again, I love large cities).

On one side of the bay, you have this unbelievable Miami-esque horizon, with skyscrapers firmly loaded along the ocean front packed with glitzy hotels, stores, restaurants and bars … … however look the other way, as well as you have the collapsing old uniqueness of the Casco Viejo. As in Cartagena over in Colombia, the federal government is investing substantial quantities into remodeling this beautiful part of the city. At the moment, it’s in that in-between stage – a few of it has been brought back, some of it is mid-way through, et cetera of it is still breaking down. If you go out in the evening, you’ll locate appear bars as well as clubs in structures which look prepared for demolition throughout the day.


Once more, up on the Caribbean coast is Portobelo, a captivating little community near Colon. However, the real draw to this sleepy little corner of Panama is El Otro Lado, pass on the loveliest of all the hotels I saw. It gets along, little, colourful and loosened up, the food is exceptional and also the infinity pool with sights over the bay to Portobelo is especially welcoming.

There are masses to do to maintain you entertained for a few days, from jet skiing, diving as well as fishing, to trips through the mangroves and check outs to the Embera tribe. This seems like the real Caribbean as well as although there isn’t a massive amount to do in Portobelo (there is a ft which is worth a browse through) the people are enchanting and make you really feel welcome. I would certainly return to El Otro Lado in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

The Canal

I really did not feel I can neglect the Canal, viewing as it seems to play such an essential function in everything to do with Panama. Before I went, I admit I really did not really see the rate of interest in viewing a ship travel through a lock, however I promptly came to be a little a canal addict as well as am quite attracted by it! A wonderful leisurely lunch on the porch of the Miraflores lock dining establishment as the ships pass (at concerning 3pm in case you are interested) is most definitely the method to do it though.