Many Gorgeous Beaches In San Blas

If you are searching for an island vacation where you could go to the beach every day and never obtain burnt out after that San Blas is among the very best exotic places to go. Since San Blas has over 300 islands there are several beachs worth going to and all of them have crystal clear blue water. Several of them are rocky but don’t worry if you relocate the watercraft 100 meter you will certainly hit one more island.

Top beaches in San Blas

We will summarize the leading 5 best beaches in San Blas obtainable for tourist by day-trips local transportations by the native Kuna.

1. Isla Perro beach

Beach San BLas island - isla perro

Isla Perro or in English Pet Island is a popular as well as well-visited place by traveling guides in the San Blas area. Isla Perro is stunning as a result of the white sand beach, crystal clear water, hand trees and tiny bar with a beach ball area before it. You could even invest the night right here in a camping tent or hammock. However the majority of people pertain to Isla Perro for snorkeling in and around the shipwreck warship that exists around 50 meters in front of the beach, when trend is low you can see it hitting the sea surface. Because of this shipwreck the second name of the island is occasionally Isla Warship. Nature is taking over the ship as well as it has plenty of coral, plants and various other sea lives. You can see tiny fish hiding in the shipwreck but likewise larger fish hunting around Outdoors Sea around it. For That Reason, Isla Perro is the # 1 place for snorkeling as well as relaxing in San Blas. This is one of the islands everybody should check out when taking a trip to Guna Yala.

2. Island Banedub beach

Banedup island san blas

Island Banedub is marked with a skull of a cow head near the beach, however don’t let this sight scare you away! Island Banedub has some cabins and also a small bar with a campfire. The beach lies to the south as well as runs out the existing so you could bathe in tranquil waters. At night you will see lighting jellyfish and squid swimming around and this sight is truly wonderful!

3. Chichimei beach


The beaches on Chichimei are most likely the most deserted in San Blas and also the most convenient for vacationers without a boat. Chichimei is additionally a well know backpackers hangout that does not have power or moving water. Yet this relatively huge island, walking occupies to 15 min, has long white sand beachs with crystal clear water throughout. They have a beach ball area with volley ball that you can use throughout the day free of cost. You can stay here in cabin filled with hammocks, back to standard with the facilities. Chichimei is a should go for visitors of San Blas.

4. Isla Robeson beach

Isla Robeson

Isla Robeson or in English Isla Robinson Crusoe is quite famous as you possibly know the name! This island is another gorgeous exotic place with white beachs and also warm clear water. The place you fantasize around in the evening. Very little to do there after that hang around on the beach;

5. El Porvenir


When you go into the Golfo de San Blas from Colombia or the Caribbean Sea you will need to go via custom-made first at El Porvenir. Prima facie this island seems a bit boring since there are real buildings on it; trust us this is an unusual sight on the islands! However you can remain there and also delight in the wonderful beach, play some football with the soldiers and other tourists and also dived in for a new island the following day. This is likewise the only beach you can see by airplane because of the tiny airstrip.